Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Wedding..

So long didn't update these blog.. Bz getting married.. getting transferred back to kl n catching up with my families n friends..

As u guys know.. Cinta kita berputik kembali.. =) n we decided to tie d knot.. on 1st of Jan 2010 we did.. Abg yang pilih tarih tu.. he wanted us to start the new year with a big step.. for both of us..

Gambar ni kami tangkap dekat studio before the actual day...
It was a funny and greatful day, i personally enjoyed the photo shoot very much.. n abg learn how to smile in front of the camera.. seldom see him smile so charmingly..

Prince n Princess in the making.. said our photographer

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is like a classroom: we always have something new to learn

So soon.. over a month in Perlis.. the environment n culture is so different, people there are also different.. I'm starting to get use to my work n my life there..

Many has also touches my heart there.. all the children..
Recently there is a new psychologist posted to RKK.. and I'm going to be transferred back to the state department.. here my client will come from different background.. mostly adult n referred cases..

Kids are asking me to stay and they had started to love me they said.. pity them.. I'm going to miss them so much.. I had experience so many changes n transitions but it was not easy at all every time..

Another person had change too.. =) i am falling in love again.. i admit.. he try his best to please me now days.. come n see me almost every week.. it had been a while i haven't see this side of him.. i thought is easy to forget all our past but getting to know a new person is even harder.. i hope i do not have to so.. He definitely working hard this time, there are plannings all the way.. hope our relationship will last this time.. Insyallah..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting started..

First of all thanks (hug n kisses) to my best buddy ilyana n the rest (wan n azura too)for being here with me through my ups n downs.. Is god's will i have to be far apart from u guys for a while now.. hope this friendship will last for ever n ever.. i will make sure i come back "home" often k..

Dah 2 weeks kat perlis, it's been an emotional challenge for me. Maybe terlebih emotional sikit kot jugak..hehe.. my expectation towards all tis seems higher than i thought.. I should give it a try i told myself, but it's easy to say then done.. =)

At work.. There's so many things I wanted to improve n change.. but trust me is not easy at all.. (kebal giler la sistemnya) I have to wait..wait and wait.. tunggu..tunggu n terus menunggu.. implementation can be so slow out there.. geram la sgt2 kekadang tu.. dah geram2 tu suddenly ur mind will ask u to quit n give up all u have started.. I have been very negative lately =(.. they do deserve a chance u know.. at least d kids there.. I'm also not sure y am I acting tis way.. maybe i miss home so so much..

Week ends r so far my happy time.. tired but happy.. cos i been coming back home every week now.. at least for now la.. hehe.. =) (thanks ye wan n farid belanja kitorg tgk wyg n steamboat semalam hehe.. best giler.. t aku gaji aku belanja k..)

My hope is to do what i'm happy doing.. (work with children) having all my friends n family around me all the time.. the rest i'm leaving it to HIM to decide la.. ( all of us believe that: there's someone rite for us out there, just wating for the rite moment to strike...hehe)

To all the kids in RKK i'll try my best to be around when u guys need me k.. just knock on my door anytime i'll be at ur service.. I need to be more positive from now on..

" If we want to find happiness, let us stop thinking about gratitude or ingratitude
and give for the inner joy of giving. Ingratitude is natural- like weeds. Gratitude is like rose. It has to be fed, watered and cultivated and loved and protected." (Dale Carnegie)